Salisbury Guitar Lessons update

I have a little availability for more students at the moment, so if you are looking to learn the guitar in Salisbury, of if you play already and would like some help moving forward or moving into new styles, do contact me. Continue reading “Salisbury Guitar Lessons update”


Salisbury guitar lessons

I’m hoping to move my guitar teaching base to Salisbury, Wiltshire in September 2011.  Mail me if you’re interested in having lessons.  I can probably come to you if you’re near Salisbury, or you could come to me.  I offer special discounted rates to pensioners for daytime lessons, but also teach children after school and do evening lessons.  Saturday lessons may be possible. Continue reading “Salisbury guitar lessons”

Guitar lesson availability

I’m looking to take on another person or 2 for lessons during the day at the moment — if you are looking for guitar lessons in the South East London kind of area and can make a daytime slot monday to friday email me and we can sort out what, when, where, how much, etc!  Classical, electric or a bit of everything. 

I’m at   Read the about me and classical guitar pages for my experience and qualifications.

Playing in lessons this week…

Often in guitar lessons I help people work out how to play something they’ve been listening to, or suggest something to illustrate a point, a particular technique or style, etc — you end up with an entertainingly eclectic selection of music, as demonstrated by some of the things I’ve played with people this week:

When You Sleep by My Bloody Valentine (i.e. “what a tremolo arm is for…!”)

Love Machine by The Sugababes (as per the Arctic Monkeys cover, by way of that tv advert)

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (weirdly, I’m pretty sure this is the first time this has come up.  You’d think it would be in constant demand.  Maybe it will now, apparently it’s on Guitar Hero.)

Southern Man and Ohio by Neil Young

Duets of various things by Mozart

Hey Joe by Hendrix

There She Goes by The La’s